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Off Market HMO

45 Bed HMO Shepherds Bush London

Shepherds Bush London

HMO For Sale
Development Opportunity
Featured Property

1 Bedroom furnished apartment for sale in Sunny Beach

Unnamed Road, 8240 Чайка, Burgas, Bulgaria

Featured Property
Featured Property

Sunny Beach – 1 Bed Apartment

Pallazo Hotel Sunny Beach


Mojacar – 2 Bed Apartment, Macenas Beach

Calle Macenas, 11, 04638, Almería, Spain

Stunning Views

Mojacar Spain Costa Almeria Luxurious Villa For Sale

Calle Alhambra, 3A, 04638 Ventanicas-el Cantal, Almería, Spain

FAQ’s: buying Property in the UK


We have listed a few important faq’s and facts you’ll need to be aware of when buying property in the UK. We believe these to be important and useful and will hopefully give you some guidance when making your purchase.
If you have any other questions please feel free to ask, we’ll be happy to help.

Mortgage Advisor

What does a mortgage broker do?
A mortgage broker, or adviser, is someone who will review the mortgages available to you based on your personal financial situation and apply for one on your behalf. They can save you time by telling you which lenders are likely to accept you and how to improve your application, and can speed up the process by dealing with some of the paperwork.
We can personally recommend a highly reputable mortgage broker to help you save shopping around. Just click here and mention our name please.

Stamp Duty

Stamp Duty & Land Tax

In England and Wales buyers don’t pay stamp duty on the first £125,000.
For property between £250,001 and £925,000 buyers pay 2% on the portion of the price between £125,001 and £250,000, then they pay 5% on the portion of the price over £250,001. You can check how much stamp duty you’d need to account for here 

Legal Fees

You’ll need a solicitor or licensed conveyor to carry out all the legal work when buying and selling your home.
Legal fees are typically £850-£1,500 including VAT at 20%.
They will also do local searches, which typically cost £250-£300, to check whether there are any local plans or problems.

Financing a property purchase in the UK

You can apply for a mortgage through a bank or building society – you’ll need a few documents to hand, including proof of identity, utility bills and bank statements. When you apply you’ll be asked a series of questions about yourself and your finances, so your lender can calculate what kind of mortgage you’ll be able to afford. They’ll also run a number of checks to determine your financial status, and if your application is accepted you’ll be sent an offer.


How much money do you need to buy a house UK?
Generally, you need to try to save at least 5% to 40% of the cost of the home you would like. For example, if you want to buy a home costing £150,000, you’ll need to save at least £7,500 (5%). Saving more than 5% will give you access to a wider range of cheaper mortgages available on the market.

Foreign Purchasers
Can I buy a property in the UK as a foreigner?

In short, yes, as a foreigner you can buy property in the UK, even if you do not live in the UK. That said, buying property in the UK as a foreigner is easier if you are a cash buyer – i.e. do not need to apply for a mortgage or additional borrowing as it may be difficult to apply for such a mortgage.

Mortgage Application
How do mortgages work?

You can apply for a mortgage through a bank or building society – A mortgage is a type of loan that a bank or building society lends to you to help you buy a property. The amount of mortgage you need to borrow will depend on the amount you’ve saved up to put towards a deposit for a property, and the amount you still need to reach the purchase price of the property you want to buy. The amount of mortgage you then take out will be a percentage of the purchase price – this is called a loan-to-value or LTV..

Purchase Timeline
How long does it all take?

The process of buying a house in the UK typically takes 2-3 months. This can be longer if you’re part of a chain of buyers and sellers waiting on the purchase or sale of other properties.

Before you start house-hunting, you should get an estimate of your finances so you know what you can afford, whether that’s a mortgage or your own capital. This will also prevent unnecessary delays once your offer has been accepted, or if you need to make a quick move to secure your ideal home. These are the key stages to follow once you’ve found a property you wish to buy a house in the UK.

Valuation Fees
This is charged by the mortgage lender to assess the value of your property and to determine how much they are prepared to lend you. Depending on the value, the cost can be between £150 to £1,500. Some lenders may not charge depending on the mortgage type

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